Solo TA Rules

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This site accepts records that follows the following rules.

Game versions

The latest version of the Monster Hunter World at the time of the post. Please do not post records from older versions.
(Added Aug 28th 2018)Only recordings from PS4 and Xbox are accepted.


Hi-ranked Hunt/Slay quests only.

Number of hunters

Solo (no palico) all the way through.

Runs accepted

This site shows top 3 runs for each weapon per quest. Runs that does not make the top 3 will not be accepted.


The use of the following items are prohibited.
  • Meat, Poisoned Meat, Drugged Meat, Tinged Meat
  • Poison Smoke Bomb
  • Pitfall Trap
  • Shock Trap
  • All Bombs
  • Boomerang
  • Binding Ballista
  • Ballista
  • (Added July 11th 2018)Smoke bomb


Any slinger ammo except Dung pod is prohibited.
(Added July 6th 2018)Use of capture net to get rid of the frogs and flies in advance is allowed.


The following skills are prohibited(even if they do not come into effect.)
  • Fortify
  • Heroics


Any equipment with the prohibited skills above is prohibited.
No mantles/boosters

Felyne Skills

The following skills are prohibited(even if they do not come into effect.)
  • Felyne Heroics

Environmental traps and etc

The use of following environmental traps, flora, and insects are prohibited.
  • No frogs, flashlies, poison cups, noios, or any other trap causing damage, immobilization, or status effect
  • No environmental traps causing damage, immobilization, or status effect
  • Weapons such as Canon, Ballista, Dragonator, Falling Boulders
  • Wallrun attacks
  • (Added:Apr 3rd 2018)Repetitive use of aerial attacks using ledges(e.g. aerial GS)
  • (Added:Apr 8th 2019)Use of ledges to cancel out recoil
Use of vitalilies, sporepuffs(Added July 11th 2018 As smoke bomb is banned, using sporepuffs intentionally and untintionally using it and affecting the monsters is no longer allowed), wiggly litchi are allowed.
Aerial attacks from places other than walls(e.g. ledges and inclines) are allowed. Jumping from walls without attacking is also allowed. Turf war, lava damage, crystal fllor damage in Elder's recess is allowed.
(Added:Apr 8th 2018) If you triggerred the traps, bugs, or frogs by mistake, but has obviously not affected the target or another large monster, the record will be accepted.
  • No points received for traps that gets you point
  • No immobilization
  • No status effect until the end of the quest
Following cases will not be accepted.
  • If you hit a frog or a poison cup, and later made the monster get some status effect using your weapon
  • Nitrotoad
  • Seemingly intentional use of environmental traps
(Added:May 16th 2018)If other monsters caused some status effect(e.g. Girros, Pukei-Pukei, Tzitzi-Ya-Ku)
(Added July 6th 2018)Use of capture net to get rid of the frogs and flies in advance is allowed.
(Added Feb 15th 2019)Gajalaka artillery by your friendly Gajalaka is not permitted


No changing/restocking items or changing equiments. Use of fast travels are okay.


Please follow the rules below when recording the video.
  • Language set to Japanese or English
  • Show damage
  • Video from the beginning of the quest to the end where the number of hunters are shown(see screenshot below). No fast fowarding, no cuts.(Added:Apr 20th 2018)Do not add overlays on top of the video that blocks part of the screen.
  • Show skills and felyne skills to show that no prohibited skills are used(Recommend showing the equipment while showing the skills). Please show each page of the skills for about 2 seconds, so it is easy to verify the skills.(Added:July 9th 2018) Skills and felyne skills need to be shown during the quest.
  • Upload video to YouTube or NicoNico

Status screen


Post quest screen



How to post

The site is currently not accepting new records.


Players using mods or cheating will be banned
Known players using mods or cheating in the past are also banned.
If you see mods, cheats, or anything against the rules, please reply or DM to @monsterhunterta. Any report will be processed anonymously.

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